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Nourish Your Skin. Meet Us At The Beauty Bar.

Intoxicating Beauty is a collection of clean beauty products crafted from the most indulgent and effective natural and organic skincare ingredients. We use certified-organic or all-natural wine, hops, sake and spirits in our formulations to provide customized skincare benefits, with luxurious natural fragrances to pamper your senses.

Ready to indulge the healthy way? Meet us at the beauty bar.

Our Collections

Sweet Hops

Hops are the flowers that brewers use to give beer its unique array of flavors, and they’re packed with good-for-skin phytonutrients. The essential oils distilled from hops have natural anti-inflammatory properties, which help to calm, nourish and soothe skin. The natural proteins and B vitamins found in hops can also help to strengthen hair and boost volume in fine hair types.



Vino Bella

The grapes from which wine is made contain numerous antioxidants, including polyphenols and resveratrol, which help to counteract free-radical damage from UV rays, pollution and other everyday skin stressors. Ideal for anyone concerned with optimal skin health and aging beautifully! These antioxidant properties also help to protect hair color from fading, and keep strands soft and healthy.


Vodka has natural antiseptic and astringent properties, which can help to purify, balance and tone skin, as well as control excess sebum production in those with oily skin types. It’s also used to remove buildup from hair and give strands glossy shine.



Sake Blossoms

Made from fermented rice, sake has a long history of use in Japan. Rich in minerals, amino acids and enzymes that occur naturally as a result of fermentation, sake can help to brighten, soften and rejuvenate skin. The amino acids in sake can also help to support hair growth for thick, healthy and luxurious strands.

Intoxicating Lifestyle® Magazine

A glowing complexion, inner beauty, and outer beauty starts from within. What we put into and onto our bodies should be as clean as what we eat. Our inner happiness, daily stressors, environmental factors, relationships, and day-to-day responsibilities at home and work, all can have a major impact on our skin. A regimen of clean beauty practices for the body, mind, and spirit crafted from different cultures while infused with wellness, healthy eating, relaxation, positivity, style, giving back, and a happy home and work life can help you glow inside out.

The Intoxicating Lifestyle is a luxury lifestyle destination to help you discover how to celebrate and nurture the inner and outer beautiful “you”. The Intoxicating Beauty Team will share with you clean beauty tips and recommendations on things to do and where to go to help promote a happier, healthier, more confident, relaxed and radiant you. This is what we call an “intoxicating lifestyle”.

Want to live your most intoxicating life through clean beauty, healthy living, and the finer things in life? We’ll show you how. Come join us in The Intoxicating Lifestyle. Cheers!


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Natural beauty is not a trend. It’s a lifestyle. Let your skin drink up the natural benefits of wine, spirits, sake and craftbrew. Celebrate you by using pure, natural and organic skincare and toast to a happier, healthier you. Cheers!

–Teresa Norvell, Founder

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